Amsterdam Roller Derby is a self-governed, non-profit, amateur sports organisation dedicated to playing and endorsing flat track roller derby.

We are an all-gender league that is constantly growing and adapting to the principles of the roller derby community. We aim to support the growth of this amazing sport by encouraging teamwork, athleticism, inclusion and equality while striving to be pro-active within the derby community.

ARD is a group of people that love the sport, having learned it within the league in our Rookie Programme or joining from another team, from watching a game and wanting to be involved in the stats, to seeing the dedication required to referee and feeling inspired. We come from all corners and have found each other, we consider ourselves lucky.

ARD endeavours to be a conscientious role model for the community and the sport. A constant that has never wavered is our desire to empower people to reach their full potential through providing a safe space to train and encouraging a culture of hard work, athleticism and commitment.

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