Are you looking to join Amsterdam Roller Derby?

If you have experience as a roller derby skater and looking to join ARD contact us via

If you are new to derby and would like to join our Rookie program check out the information HERE

Something else? There are lots of ways to get involved with Amsterdam Roller Derby, have a look here and contact us using the form below or by sending an email to

Guest skater

We welcome skaters that are over for a holiday, or work and brought their skates! Send us a head's up to make sure the training is suitable for you and we will let you know where and when.

See you on track!


Without our referees we would be nowhere. It’s a great way to get involved in roller derby (without quite as much contact).

Have a real head for rules & game play? Then we want you, in our zebra crew!


Non-skating Officials keep the cogs of roller derby turning. We are always looking for those invested in roller derby to join the team. We can also show you the ropes if it is something you are interested in but have not yet mastered the skills!


Think your team is a good match for one of ours? We are always looking for eager opponents for both home and away games! Best thing to do is contact our team at directly

PR and Press

Interested in a feminist DIY organisation and sport? Roller Derby is gaining international traction in the sport and lifestyle scene, be on hand to cover it and contact us about including our team in your next campaign or article.


We are beyond grateful that we have some awesome folx that help us out at events and games.

Let us know if we can put you on the list to help out at the next game!

Sponsor us

Help us grow as a team and become a Sponsor!

Contact us for our sponsoring package and for tailor made deals that can work at any level.

We still have opportunities for uniform sponsorship and space for advertising during events.