Winter is Coming!

A wee post-game report from those who rocked the track :: By Miss Freeze and Bony Bragger

All photos thanks to Branko Collin

All Stars vs Lille Roller Girls by Bony Bragger

Well actually winter has arrived on this cold and snowy Sunday in December. You would think it was cold, but not in our sports hall in the East of Amsterdam! No, it actually felt like a smothery warmth you would expect in the summertime, what is going on?!?! Is it the warmth of the audience who came through extreme weather (code orange) to see us play? Definitely yes, how much respect I have for the people that ended up cheering for some Derby on this day! (Oooh yeah and the janitor said something about the heating being broken as well 😉

Bony Braggar bending like a pretzel, to whip around those Lille ladies

The heat didn’t go well with the migraine I was having. Also I was pretty nervous, something I always struggle with before games, but even more this time. Because we had to face off against Lille Roller Girls today! Who are one of the most difficult opponents I had to play against during SKOD (A Skate Odyssey) in May 2016. What I could remember from that game was that I had the feeling of being stuck behind their walls the entire time. My teammates try to help me with my negative thoughts by telling me that, we as a team have grown a lot. This is also not my first season anymore with the All-Stars, like it was back then. And I’m very happy that I don’t have to go on the first jam anymore, because of my nerves. Being second gives me less pressure and I love that I have other jammers in my team who don’t have a problem with that.

All of a sudden during our off-skates warm up we hear bad news. Due to the extreme weather conditions, one of the cars with skaters from Lille got in an accident. Luckily no people got injured, but the car got damaged. We decided to delay the game, so those skaters could also join and Lille would have their roster present at the start of the game.

Devious Dewi’s dexterous derrière ain’t easy to dodge

My migraine was sort of gone and it was time to get over my nerves and get geared up. We always do some visualization before the game, but I noticed I didn’t feel focused at all. Could it be the busy time of the year, my winter dip or still my nerves? I still don’t know, but it did effect my game. While not focused enough I had trouble with my star passes. I took my helmet panty off, not realizing I was lead jammer (silly Bony). I passed the star illegally while out of bounds (stupid Bony). Well at least I didn’t drop my helmet panty on the ground (good Bony 😉 or did I? I can’t remember: jamnezia!

I had one very good power jam in the first half, with some beautiful offence from my blockers. 22 points on the scoreboard, this is the jam I will remember and be proud of.

In the end we lost 178 against 104, but Lille also remembered us from SKOD – 2016 and we got some great compliments and feedback from them. They definitely saw a stronger team on track, which was super cool to hear from these awesome women!

This loss was a good learning experience for us to see where we stand and how we can get better in the future even when it’s hard or your focus is off. I know I will work on my star passes some more, because my default is to just keep it on my head, until someone shouts at me…. BONY TAKE IT OF! The helmet panty I mean of course 😉

All’s fair in #derbylove & war(m hugs) with Lille Roller Girls

B.add vs Roller Derby Erfurt by Ms Freeze

So much to do, so much to do. That is how I wake up at the 10th of December, our first home game of the season. Normally I’m nervous but this time it’s maximized by about a hundred.
My husband brings me a cup of tea and a ‘broodje hagelslag’ and he asks me why I am so nervous…
Luckily my two boys slept at their grandparents, so I can do whatever I want with my nerves.

O I wish I knew.

Could it be that I’m a little insecure because I just recovered from bruised ribs?? Could it be that I’m sort of the bout director and a lot has to be done today? Could it be that a lot of people are coming to watch me play today?? Or is it al of the above??

Thank god 9AM comes around really quickly and we can go and pick up my teammate Mae Dae. Talking to her takes my mind off of things that need to be done and we arrive at the venue on time ( yes).

Put yo hands in da air Ms Freeze
Put yo hands in da air Ms Freeze

Starting my ‘job’ as bout director, telling people what tasks need to be done and what goes where….. The volunteers are coming, everybody is busy getting the hall pretty and the track perfectly done!

Then it is time for the team meeting, in the locker rooms. My nerves are completely back again…. I’m a little bit shaky and try to eat some things, so I have enough energy for the warm up and later, the game.  Off-skates warm up followed by putting on the gear, makes me even more nervous.

Public is arriving, four family members are arriving, thank god the husband is there to take care of them. We go and do the on-skates warm up and I feel more secure but still have electricity running through my veins.  Then the visualization on the bench. Coach Major Knocks tells us how good we are, how we are going to play and makes us visualize a first jam and winning it. We can do this!!
Skate-out for both teams (we’re playing against Roller Derby Erfurt, nice girls!) and then it’s time to start.

I’ve told the coaches that I’m very nervous and they try to calm me down. For me it is normal that I have to get used to the game and that takes a few jams. Normally the nerves go away by then.
But not this time, they seem to like me and stay the whole time. I try to make them go away and stop shaking by wolfing down Dextro, that seems to help a bit.

Risky Galore has her eyes on the prize as she exits the ‘naughty corner’
Our bench crew (especially Tit Tit Boom, my lovely teammate who hurt her knee and is helping out on the bench) tries to tell me that I’m fine and that I do great on track. I hope my teammates are not bothered by my nerves because my gameplay is better than at other games. I communicate better, I chase the jammers, I hit some people out… I try not to pay attention to the public, which is normally a big distraction for me. That seems to work out great.

Of course when the end of the game is there, I feel fine and in my mind I can skate another game…
It is a pity that we lost, but Erfurt was just better, this time.

In my head I lost the game for myself, just because I couldn’t find peace in myself. On track I managed to keep calm but every time I sat on the bench I was so nervous. This is not the first time that this has happened to me, so I have to find a way to stop this.

Group Hug! Loved playing Roller Derby Erfurt, the stronger team in the day