We’ve got game… reports!

Time flies when you play derby! The All Stars, B.ADD Girls and a mixed team have had their share of great news lately, so here’s the low down:

On 3 April the B.ADD Girls took on the Freaky Mons’ter Derby Ladies in Belgium: tied 162-162 after a first-ever ARD overtime jam, the B.ADD Girls pushed it over the top for a 182-179 win. There were a lot of fries all around afterwards!


On 1 May a team of nine B.ADD Girls took on but lost to the Roller Derby Panthers of St-Gratien near Paris in a return match, but put up one hell of a fight! The final score was 261-78 and the team proudly finished the game with nine players. Bonus: we got to visit Paris!

On 16 April a mixed team of B.ADD Girls and All Stars, aka ‘The Magic Ten’ took on a full-length public scrimmage against our old friends, the Rotterdam Death Row Honeys in Rotterdam for an unexpected sweet win of 252-70. The beer tasted quite good after that one.

Some fantastic news comes from the All Stars who won a silver trophy for second place at the French WFTDA tournament West Track Story IV, in their second appearance at the event. The All Stars went down to Nantes, France with only nine players and scored more points overall than they possible expected. Day 1 started with a 227-170 (116-98 at half-time) win against the Brussels Derby Pixies, and later chalked up another win against Madrid Roller Derby, 199-132 (76-55 at half-time).


Starting Day 2 on a high note, the hard-hitting hosts of the tournament, the Nantes Derby Girls won 287-161 over the All Stars who gave it their all right until the last whistle. And if that wasn’t tough enough, the last game against the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots had both teams neck and neck points wise quite a few times, but Nottingham turned it around at the end for a 211-201 (110-103 at half-time) win. We all had a blast watching it all live on the WFTDA.tv stream and we couldn’t be more proud!

Our next double header in Amsterdam is on 14 May, where first the All Stars will face Dragon Balls Roller Derby for their first-ever co-ed game and then the B.ADD Girls will go Italian and take on the Roller Derby Milano Harpies. Join the event on Facebook and buy your tickets TODAY!

(Photo of All Stars: Insane Motion)