Spring Flinging of Limbs and Wheels

Double Header April 9th 2017

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and in the east you could hear the distinct whistles of the start of a bout. The jam was on.

This weekend the B.ADD Girls faced a formidable opponent in the Night Terrors representing the Roller Girls of the Apocalypse B Team and our own All Stars battled on home turf with the lovely Limerick Roller Derby. Our wonderful volunteers got up bright and early to set up the hall, lay track haul numerous bags and decorations into place not forgetting the highlight of the day – the bake sale.

As the buzz grew, the first supporters marking their favourite spots, the opposing teams found their way and the B teams geared up, two cherry poppers in our midst! The first bout was tough, while the B.ADD girls took the lead the Terror’s clearly kept their cool and made them work hard for every point. Our resident DJ and track miester Bureau Feestbeast kept the tempo up and made sure we kept our energy up. By half time the score B.ADD 160 – Terrors 58 and the temperature was rising in the hall! Time for a breather at the door.

B.ADD Girls get some fresh air at half time :: The supporters rally the players! © ARD

But the hall wasn’t the only thing that was hot that day! The jammers were on fire! With several new faces putting on the star. The second half was high scoring for both teams, each getting lead status, our awesome presenters keeping the audience informed of the quick changes in tactics and play that were happening on track. Whistle. End score B.ADD 330 – Terrors 144.

The change over to the next game was tight, the A teams were straight on track to warm up ahead of the game. The air was tingly. This wasn’t just any game this was a head-to-head, two Irish on opposing teams, eight-wheels, The Battle of the Sisters. The moment had come. Limerick took lead on the first jam to set the pace, but the All Stars fought hard and came roaring back

Half time ARD 113 – LRD 49. Time for a quick planking competition, some of us took it to the next level…

Please drink responsibly © ARD

Back to the game, no rest for these strong women. The play is quick, hits are hard. LRD holds off the ARD jammers at the end of the second half, they take lead, and gain some traction but our own Manic Panic brings it home on her cherry popping A game to finish with ARD 281 – LRD 95. The sisters still smiling, both in the sin bin.

International Sibling Rivalry Day © ARD // Fast action derby © Branko Collin’s Roller Derby Photos

Everyone had a great day, the support was electric, the derby fantastic and the beers after were just the cherry on the top.

Thank you to all of our Derby Family!