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Thank you for having a look around our shop! We really appreciate your interest in Amsterdam Roller Derby, and it would be downright great if you bought some of our merch. Apart from the money you spend in our shop, which will all go towards improving our league, we would love you forever for spreading the word. Getting the name ‘Amsterdam Roller Derby’ across.

We rebranded the team as Amsterdam Roller Derby in 2017 and we have a whole new line of merchandise to proudly display the fantastic logo designed in house by one of our own.

ARD is a volunteer run league and buying our merch supports us and helps us put funds towards training locations, games, tournaments and making roller derby accessible to a greater audience.

Fill in the form to tell us all the awesome things you want to buy and we will get back to you ASAP with payment and delivery details!

We also have an awesome print designed through BONFIRE and you can buy it directly through their website HERE.

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