My Nine Month Injury

Guest post from the unstoppable, unflappable pocket rocket All Star player Kim Wild

The first two trainings of this new year, I was the happiest person, because finally I was back on skates again! I tried to stay cool but inside a little voice was screaming weeeeeee! and woo-hoo! when I was skating around in circles on our new, blue floor.

Exactly one year ago I found out I was pregnant. Contrary to some people who at age 14 already know, that they want to have children when they grow up, myself and my boyfriend could never decide if we would like to have a child or not. We put the decision off as long as we could, but when I was turning 38 we decided to see what would happen if we stopped using birth control. The idea was, if it was meant to be for us to have a child it would happen, if not that would be ok too. And so it happened, a year ago we realized we were going to be parents. Whoa. We were very excited and a bit nervous at the same time.

Obvious during pregnancy I missed skating a lot, but luckily I could still be useful for my league by doing committee work, NSO, or bench coach :: Photo credit Branko Collin

I was skating for the All Stars and because I didn’t have any pregnancy ailments I continued to play derby until our backpacking vacation to Mexico, at the end of February. When we returned from vacation I was in my second trimester and decided to put derby on pause and tell my team about my ‘9 month injury’.

It was a strange feeling to be off the track, and watching all of my team mates compete in games and tournaments as I sat on the sidelines. However even though I wasn’t skating, I was still able to be useful to the league by being involved in committee work, NSOing and even bench coaching the All Stars (what a weird sensation to be on the other side of the track).

I think my baby wasn’t even 2 weeks old when I already took him to see his first derby training and to shamelessly show him off 😉 :: Photo credit to Diesel

Now our son is over 4 months, I felt it was time again to pick up my skates and get back into derby again. And boy, how good did I feel after my first training! I even loved the muscle pain I had the next day. As we speak, I am prepping myself to redo the minimum skills test which is taking place in less then a month. Luckily I am allowed to also join the Fresh Meat trainings, as well as the league trainings, so I have 2 training opportunities a week to get fit enough to make the 27 in 5, eep! If I pass the minimum skills test, I can scrimmage again, I can’t wait!

Yes, I still love roller derby <3

Finally back on skates again 🙂 My first fresh meat training! :: Photo credit to Pop Roxx