Do you Remember your Cherry Popper Game?

First home game of the season as Amsterdam Roller Derby had the privilege of taking on the glorious, infallible, incomprehensibly strong Namur Roller Girls!

It’s always brilliant to see the newest players, compete in their first game, and last weekend was no different! As the b.add girl took to the track full of nerves, and pent up emery there were four new sets of wheels that joined the crew for the first time.

Miss Freeze, Stormy Starlight, Devious Dewi and Alien Neila were the latest bunch of newly cured skaters to play their cherry popping game. When asked about her experience Stormy Starlight explained “The week before the game wasn’t the best I’ve ever had and I probably only slept 4 and half hours the night before. So I didn’t feel too well in the morning, nevertheless I was very excited for my first game. I felt very supported by everyone and that it didn’t matter that I wasn’t feeling well.

Cherry Poppers: Alien Neila, Devious Dewi, Miss Freeze & Stormy Starlight
Our b.add Cherry Poppers: Alien Neila, Devious Dewi, Miss Freeze & Stormy Starlight :: Branko Collin (photographer extraordinaire)

When I got on track I felt surprisingly calm and focused. But I hardly remember anything from what happened when I was on track. The only thing I remember is that I had loads of fun and that I realised that I am really glad that I went to that first fresh meat training and so came to play roller derby with so many amazing people”

Skating with them, warming up, trying to shake out those final few nerves, there was a look of sheer determination on Alien Neila’s face. She’s such a little pocket rocket, with a never say die attitude, who when you think you’ve knocked her down and out, she just pops back up again.

Once the first jam whistle sounded, and we all started to get used to and comfortable with the lines, the nerves just seem to ebb away. It’s as if all of the energy just needs to be focused on getting low, preparing for impact and keeping your eye out for the shiny star perched atop that nimble jammer’s head. Devious Dewi the youngest member of the b.add girls’ crew, when asked about her experience gushed ‘Before the game started I was really nervous, but all my teamies helped me to get calmer. During the game I forgot all about my nerves and completely focused on the game. It went really well and I felt fantastic!”

It was a close game, much closer than we dared hope for, particularly with so many new players and a few transfer skaters thrown into the mix That first game of the season is always interesting for lower ranked teams, as they often have to teach newer skaters, whilst having lost some of their best talent to the higher team.

We fought until the bitter end, trying to secure every point possible, and in the last round managed to take the lead against Namur Roller Girls, only to be pipped at the mark in the final jam.

Namur Roller Girls (B) secured the win by one point: 170 vs 169

Having chugged our shower-beers (yes that’s a thing) we quickly dried, admired and compared battle scars and dressed, to secure a spot in the suicide section to cheer on our All Stars, as they hit the track against the silver-clad Namur Roller Girls A Team.

The game was just as vigorous and nail-biting as the one before! Throughout the game the All Star were able to maintain the lead position, but Namur was continuously nipping at their heels, fighting for every point, tracking and holding that jammer relentlessly. The two teams were evenly matched, and just as one seemed to have a brilliant jam scoring double digits in a particular jam, the other team would jump right back, and have a heavy scoring jam of their own.

In the second last jam, Namur managed to take the lead from the All Stars for the first time, only for it to be ripped back again, as Ghost Whirl’d put another 10 points of the scoreboard. All Stars secured a well-deserved victory scoring 166 to Namur’s 158 points.

Major Knocks barreling down the track & taking no prisoners :: All Stars vs Namur Roler Girls
Major Knocks barreling down the track & taking no prisoners :: Branko Collin (photographer extraordinaire)

Now this is what Roller Derby is about! See y’all on Sunday 19 February for our next home game.

Much #derbylove Pop Roxx :: Co-captain for b.add

All photos courtesy of our very own (supremely talented) Branko Collin.