Challenge Bouts: No Pressure. No Rankings. Just Derby.

Furrrocious describes her experience playing with the Baloney Ponies a mish-mash of internationally dispersed skaters

I have been a part of our competitive All Star team since its formation. And although I enjoy playing competitively a lot, sometimes it is nice to be a part of something less serious.

In the last few years, more and more challenge bout teams popped up. I think on the one hand this is because there are just too many bouts and teams, and teams have a hard time to find opponents. This is why a few years ago I played for “Team Europe” against Stuttgart. This was meant to be just a onetime thing, but now the Team Europe Facebook group has 50 members, and has played several bouts. Always with a different formation of players.

Baloney Ponies group huddle :: Pic thanks to Olivier Vax

Last year I was asked to play in a new challenge bout team, formed for the purpose of playing against the Vagine Regime, team was formed and named the Baloney Ponies. Seeing who our opponents were this was a very fitting name.

Unfortunately I ended up having to cancel my participation in this game in May 2015, as I ended up going to WFTDAcon in Denver. Which was the same week.  But the Ponies didn’t stop with their bout against the VG. And this past November I finally got to play with the Baloney Ponies in Kaiserslautern.

Baloney Ponies. Who doesn’t love an on-track cuddle from Furrrocious?! :: Pic thanks to Olivier Vax

It is a lot of fun to play these challenge bouts, first and foremost is because they are supposed to be just for fun. So there is no pressure about rankings and what not. But I think the thing I like the most, is playing with all the different skaters. In the Ponies team this past November we had skaters from Italy, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. And it’s so much fun! You get to know other people, but you also get a different skating experience.

I really enjoyed it and I will keep playing these type of games when I can.

#derbylove Furrrocious

Pics thanks to Olivier Vax