A Love Letter to Roller Derby

Guest post by Kimmikaze, b.add captain, All Stars coach and all-round roller derby addict Insecure, depressed, lonely, and stuck: ready for change. This was me about 2 and half years ago. I was done, with myself and my life. I was unhappy with who I was, how I looked and the life I lived. I wanted to be slimmer, fitter, stronger, happier, healthier and more outgoing. I wanted to be someone I didn’t dare be – no longer afraid to […]

My Nine Month Injury

Guest post from the unstoppable, unflappable pocket rocket All Star player Kim Wild The first two trainings of this new year, I was the happiest person, because finally I was back on skates again! I tried to stay cool but inside a little voice was screaming weeeeeee! and woo-hoo! when I was skating around in circles on our new, blue floor. Exactly one year ago I found out I was pregnant. Contrary to some people who at age 14 already […]

My extended roller derby family

Guest post by Bruise Li, All Star and interleague wunderkind explains how opening up her home, opened up her #derbyverse family The day that I passed my MST in June 2013, I rushed from the hall to the train station to hop on a train to Belgium with one of my fresh meat buddies. The following day we would participate in our very first roller derby bootcamp in Charleroi. She had arranged for us to stay with one of the […]

What’s it like to be a Fresh Meat skater?

Guest post by Insanely Dark explaining her experience as an ARD Freshie. Almost a year ago I decided that I wanted to try something new. I wanted to meet new people and I wanted to start exercising. Every sport that has a ball in it didn’t seem like a good idea, because even though I’m 20 I’m still afraid of the ball sometimes. But then I found derby, this cool and kind of mysterious sport. I knew I saw it […]

Challenge Bouts: No Pressure. No Rankings. Just Derby.

Furrrocious describes her experience playing with the Baloney Ponies a mish-mash of internationally dispersed skaters I have been a part of our competitive All Star team since its formation. And although I enjoy playing competitively a lot, sometimes it is nice to be a part of something less serious. In the last few years, more and more challenge bout teams popped up. I think on the one hand this is because there are just too many bouts and teams, and […]

National Dutch Roller Derby Championships 2016 – An insider’s account.

Guest post from Looney Legs, co-captain and blocker for the All Stars, describing the highs and lows of the Nederlands kampioenschap (Dutch National Roller Derby Championship) Flashback Friday to the Dutch Championship, which took place in Eindhoven earlier this month. You know your derby weekend has started well when you pick up your teammates after work and one of them is dressed in a Panda onesie and has lost her phone. Upon arrival the rumoured pool party turned out to […]

Growing Pains

Guest post by San Solo (Treasurer & All Star skater) explains the trials and tribulations involved in ‘professionalising’ Amsterdam Roller Derby All leagues start from an idea. A few friends getting together with this amazing idea of a new sport for themselves and anyone that wants to join. The more the merrier! As the league grows it’s not just the group of friends, a moment comes when not everybody knows everybody and you realise: Sh**! We’re actually something official and real! […]

Do you Remember your Cherry Popper Game?

First home game of the season as Amsterdam Roller Derby had the privilege of taking on the glorious, infallible, incomprehensibly strong Namur Roller Girls! It’s always brilliant to see the newest players, compete in their first game, and last weekend was no different! As the b.add girl took to the track full of nerves, and pent up emery there were four new sets of wheels that joined the crew for the first time. Miss Freeze, Stormy Starlight, Devious Dewi and Alien Neila […]

A Skate Odyssey report

It was another tournament weekend for the All Stars, participating for the first time in the oldest European WFTDA tournament, A Skate Odyssey in Gent, Belgium. Up against all kinds of unknowns from all over Europe and going into it seeded seventh out of ten teams, ARD played a total of four fierce games, and here’s the breakdown. On Day 1 ARD faced off against Hot Wheel of the UK seeded tenth in a game that had ARD leading at […]

We’ve got game… reports!

Time flies when you play derby! The All Stars, B.ADD Girls and a mixed team have had their share of great news lately, so here’s the low down: On 3 April the B.ADD Girls took on the Freaky Mons’ter Derby Ladies in Belgium: tied 162-162 after a first-ever ARD overtime jam, the B.ADD Girls pushed it over the top for a 182-179 win. There were a lot of fries all around afterwards! On 1 May a team of nine B.ADD […]