Rookie No More!

Guest Blog by the new and fabulous league skater Isabel! My skating career started out when I was about 6 years old, on bright blue inline skates from the toy store on the most crappy plastic wheels you could ever imagine. They were both my most prized and most mistreated possession. I’d roll past the houses in my street, holding on to walls, leaving fingerprints on peoples windows, and slamming into lamp posts and gardens because I hadn’t figured out […]

World Mental Health Day 2018

World Mental Health Day 2018 :: A guest blog by the ever talented Veer Pressure A teammate once said, “you’ll find the full DSM-V* in roller derby,” and while that is not the only reason I feel so at home in the derby world, it is definitely a big part of it. I have struggled with mental health since I was fifteen, and exercise has always helped me tremendously, especially team sports. I used to play field hockey. But never […]

Risky in Name and by Nature

Image by BlueSpecs Studio A tale of Derby Injury by Risky Galore: Guest blog by Scottish lassie, skater and new ARD president.   Wee, sleekit, poor broken Beastie* At a seemingly regular practice I came round the apex to meet the pack, I received a moderate and clean hit that I would, on any given day, have countered or taken in my stride, but not this day. I broke my tibia and fibula 9th March, it was a spiral oblique fracture […]

By Curse of the Black Pearl :: The Powerhouse Jammer extraordinaire from our BattleStars

By Curse of the Black Pearl :: Back to Back Belgian Games It’s 15:30 in Brussels and the sun is shining outside. But the BattleStars don’t notice, they have other more pressing matters on hand. There are 6 minutes left on the period clock and they just went down to only 6 players. This is their third game in 2 days, and they are exhausted, but hungry for every point. With only 6 players the only one that gets a rest is […]

Winter is Coming!

A wee post-game report from those who rocked the track :: By Miss Freeze and Bony Bragger All photos thanks to Branko Collin All Stars vs Lille Roller Girls by Bony Bragger Well actually winter has arrived on this cold and snowy Sunday in December. You would think it was cold, but not in our sports hall in the East of Amsterdam! No, it actually felt like a smothery warmth you would expect in the summertime, what is going on?!?! […]


By Whippin Red Siren :: the fierce jammer ARD has been so lucky to gain. October my first month as a member of Amsterdam Roller Derby (ARD) and I was trying to settle in to my new league. The transition itself went rather smoothly, with Rotterdam Roller Derby (RRD) waving me off with the loveliest of presents – money towards new boots, soon to be mounted on the Boss plates from Mota, which I won in a Facebook competition. Amsterdam welcomed […]

Looking back at Stronger Things Tournament.

By Manic Panic :: All Star jammer, Dutch Mens’ Team coach & all-round power house! I’d never played a tournament before… It was December 2015, and I played my very first roller derby game with the B.ADD girls. Since February of this year I have had the honor of playing with the All Stars and have played three games with them so far. It was very different than the games I had played with the B.ADD girls. Stronger Things Tournament, […]

All Stars vs Irn Bruisers, B.ADD vs Municorns

On June 10 we had another international gathering, which had the B.ADD Girls up against the Munich Rolling Rebels’s Municorns of Germany, another rematch that was due, followed by the All Stars’ game against the Glasgow Roller Derby’s Irn Bruisers of Scotland. It was hot, it was tough, and it has some great derby action. With a special VIP cheering section featuring some players from The Hague’s Parliament of Pain, the B.ADD Girls had a great fight on their hands […]

Roller Derby World Summit: Exciting News and Juicy Insider Details

A mini interview with our resident derby geeks, and all-round amazing league members, Kimmikaze and Furrrocious Let’s start with the news! We are very excited to announce that our very own Furr has been voted in as Secretary for the WFTDA Board of Directors! How does it feel? Furr: It is a tad overwhelming, but overall it’s really exciting. It was so good to be able to get to know people right away and have talks with people from WFTDA’s […]

Spring Flinging of Limbs and Wheels

Double Header April 9th 2017 The sun was shining, the birds were singing and in the east you could hear the distinct whistles of the start of a bout. The jam was on. This weekend the B.ADD Girls faced a formidable opponent in the Night Terrors representing the Roller Girls of the Apocalypse B Team and our own All Stars battled on home turf with the lovely Limerick Roller Derby. Our wonderful volunteers got up bright and early to set […]