All Stars vs Irn Bruisers, B.ADD vs Municorns

On June 10 we had another international gathering, which had the B.ADD Girls up against the Munich Rolling Rebels’s Municorns of Germany, another rematch that was due, followed by the All Stars’ game against the Glasgow Roller Derby’s Irn Bruisers of Scotland. It was hot, it was tough, and it has some great derby action.

With a special VIP cheering section featuring some players from The Hague’s Parliament of Pain, the B.ADD Girls had a great fight on their hands right up until the very end. Just two points in the end made all the difference, as Amsterdam took the win in a hard fought encounter scoring 190-188 against Munich.

The All Stars took it up against the Irn Bruisers in a game that started off with Amsterdam ahead for quite a few jams, but eventually Glasgow got into the groove creating a differential that could not be bridged in the end by Amsterdam, for a win 177-135.

We’d also like to give a special mention to Lola Rock n’ Rolla (crouching on the bottom left), All Stars coach who will be stopping in that role, but still around as a penalty tracker extraordinaire and one of our longest-standing league members.

Thanks again to everyone for making this event possible! We’ll be back soon enough with more derby action next season, so be sure to follow us in the meantime on Facebook for our off season antics.

Photos: Branko Collin