A Skate Odyssey report


It was another tournament weekend for the All Stars, participating for the first time in the oldest European WFTDA tournament, A Skate Odyssey in Gent, Belgium. Up against all kinds of unknowns from all over Europe and going into it seeded seventh out of ten teams, ARD played a total of four fierce games, and here’s the breakdown.

On Day 1 ARD faced off against Hot Wheel of the UK seeded tenth in a game that had ARD leading at half time with 87-51. ARD kept the pressure until about 10 minutes before the end when Hot Wheel picked up speed and turned into a win for them, 170-143.

On Day 2 and even more determined, ARD took on Oslo Roller Derby seeded fourth and had the lead going into half time with 129-104. After a solid second half, ARD ended up winning 272-208, giving them more momentum for the next game later that day against Lille Roller Girls of France. Seeded eighth, Lille was very strong and took it to half time with 162-29 against ARD. In the end ARD got enough points to get into the triple digits, 106 against 282 for Lille.

Day 3 came around and ARD fought for eighth and seventh place in the tournament against the Birmingham Blitz Dames of the UK. At half time the teams had a score of ARD 77 and Birmingham 101, a gap that became a win for Birmingham 226-172.

ARD took 8th place at A Skate Odyssey: what a great finish for a first appearance!